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Exploring the Texas Gulf Coast
] Adventures in the Timeless Sands ]

For hundreds of miles the Texas shoreline sweetly carresses the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, providing a remarkable environment for abundant marine life, wildlife and, of course, human life.

On these very shores early Spanish explorers landed, followed by the French, the Germans, and a host of other explorers and immigrants who had come to find new hope and good fortune on the Texas frontier.

Rich tales of pirates and stories of visionaries are recorded in local history in dozens of coastal communities, where life, in contrast to the bustling inland cities, trudges along at its own comfortable pace, seperate and a little isolated from the rest of the world where time seems to pass more quickly.

In addition to the laid-back lifestyle of the region, you'll find miles and miles of unspoiled beach, abundant water sport activities including world class fishing, and plenty of places to park your RV, pitch a tent, or secure affordable lodging for a getaway vacation.

On the northern stretches of the coastline you'll find cosmopolitan cities like Galveston and the greater Houston Metro area. A few miles south and you reach hideaway destinations like Surfside, still a popular surfing hangout, and Freeport, a traditional Texas coastal fishing community.

The further south down the coastline you travel, the more tropical becomes the environment. Corpus Christi sits in the middle of what is known as the great Coastal Bend, a city that embraces the modern world but remains rooted in coastal traditions and attitudes. South Padre Island, about 120 miles down the coastline, sits at the tip of the barrier islands, with nearby inland Brownsville the southern most community in Texas.

The Texas coast is full of attractions, state parks, a national seashore and abundant campground facilities to accommadate travelers, and you can still find a motel/hotel room for a bargain price the right time of the year.

Bird and wildlife watching, boating, sailing and surfing, fishing, beach camp-outs, theme parks and abundant museums (many dedicated to marine life) are just a few of the favorite attractions for visitors to the Texas coast.

Get in touch with resources for the Texas coastal region and discover a region full of great food, fun and attractions. Follow the links below.

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