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Tired of coming home from the coast or lake with that blank look on your face after you've come up empty after hours or days trying to catch the big ones?

If your buzzing in or around Texas this summer (or any time of year) and are ready for a world class fishing adventure, you're in for a real treat!

Most RVers often carry a pole or two when they travel and the hot summer weather in Texas provides the perfect opportunity to catch up on your angling, especially if you enjoy visiting the Gulf coast where fishing is at a premium.

The warm waters of the Gulf and the back waters of Texas saltwater bays are teeming with varied fish species and varieties, making fishing adventures large and small a real delight.

For those who prefer fishing on a budget, you don't need a charter or a boat thanks to an abundant number of public and private fishing piers along the Texas coast. From Orange to South Padre Island, fishing is still a way of life for resident locals and it's rather simple to fit into the local fishing scene provided you're willing to speak "fish talk" at the local hangouts, like bait stands and Main street cafes.

But, we admit, there is nothing like getting in a fast boat and finding that secret spot out on the beautiful Laguna Madre Bay, or hitting the open waters of the Gulf in search of the really big ones.

The Texas coast has long been a popular fishing destination for true fish heads -- you know, the ones that sleep with their fishing poles and actually pay attention to those cable TV outdoor shows.

The summer season is the time these avid fisher guys and gals gather from around the world to fish the choice fishing grounds of the Lone Star State. Some of the biggest fishing tournaments in the state and even the world, in fact, are held along the Texas Coast each year from June-August.

Not only is the weather generally perfect for fishing and the water beautiful, but it could well turn into the most exciting fishing experience you have ever had. For tournament junkies, it could mean lots of prize money. Even kids are encouraged to participate, often vying for college scholarships.

Fishing in Texas, you see, can be serious business as well as serious fun.

Even if you aren't participating in the actual tournaments, the excitement and activity surrounding each event is often welcome entertainment to the non-fishing traveler hoping to get in on the gala and fun-filled events. Generally the big tournaments, like the Texas International Fishing Tournament (TIFT), the Texas Deep Sea Roundup, and others, provide plenty of activities for the fisherman's family and a few public events like family play days, a fish fry, golf tournaments, award ceremonies, and the daily weigh-ins where spectators gather to watch the boats come back in with their catch of the day.

In a recent TIFT tournament a few years back, spectators were in awe as a State Record Blue Marlin weighing nearly 480 lbs. (photo above) was hoisted up for weighing.

So make certain that rod and reel is oiled up and ready to go this summer and head out to the coast or Texas lake for some of the best angling of the year. Check out these great fishing tournaments scheduled throughout the summer season.
This is the oldest and one of the largest fishing tournaments in the state of Texas celebrating its' 71st year. Participants can compete in fly fishing, surf, offshore and junior divisions.

This sleepy little fishing village located south of Kingsville is host to "The Biggest Little Fishing Tournament in Texas," now in it's 32nd year. This annual event is the largest fundraiser for the Port Mansfield Chamber of Commerce and true sport fishermen return year after year.

TIFT - South Padre Island - Aug. 2-6
Grab your fishing pole and lure and head for the Texas Coast. The Texas International Fishing Tournament gets under way Aug. 4-6. TIFT, now in it's 68th year is the second oldest and most established saltwater tournament in Texas and is also the 7th largest billfishing tournament in the world. With over 1,500 contests vying for titles in Bay and Gulf divisions, it's an exciting tournament not only for anglers but for tourists who may never see fish of this caliber. Almost every year a new record is set for various types of saltwater fish.

Ladies Kingfish  - South Padre Island - Aug. 11-13
Ladies from all across the country look forward to this "girls only" weekend each year, as they have for the last quarter century. The tournament, originally called The Yellow Rose of Texas tournament, has nurtured the development of many avid lady anglers over the years. Ladies compete in two divisions, bay and offshore, each hoping to net a catch that could earn them a trophy for Grand Champion Bay, Grand Champion Offshore, and/or Overall Largest Fish winner. The trophy no one wants is the annual "Best Hardluck Story" award.

Texas Redfish Tournament Series - year round, various locations
This is the only Redfish Tournament Series created by Texans
specifically for Texas-style redfishing. Each tournament has the potential to pay out $31,000.00 to anglers. Since Texas banned the commercial netting of coastal redfish several years ago, fly fishing the saltwater flats of coastal bays for reds from Galveston to South Padre Island have become world class fishing adventures.

See you on the water!