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So you've been thinking about a grand RV getaway for the next big family outing. But the investment required to purchase a first class RV represents a major financial obligation, and one not to be taken lightly. So if you're like many, you toy with the idea just before filing the idea away as something you might consider in the years ahead - which often never come.

But as the RV leasing industry has blossomed into a viable alternative to out-and-out ownership, things are beginning to change for the 'novice' RVer that wants to get his feet wet without jumping into the ocean. And the holidays represent a great opportunity to find out if you and your clan are  cut out for task.

By renting a commercial luxury buggy from a reliable dealer of leasing firm, you can schedule a unique "road less traveled" excursions that take you and the family to unique holiday events and settings. You might hit Spring, just north of Houston, for the Old Christmas in Spring event, a charming holiday affair that offers the perfect ambiance for strolling an old, historic downtown district while shopping, caroling, and getting into the glow and spirit of Christmas. Athen's Christmas Park Land of Lights celebration, a million twinkling lights await. Put Moody Gardens Festival of Lights on your agenda, and perhaps Galveston's famous Dicken's on the Strand festival. In Corpus, the Lighting of the Harbor can put you in just the right jolly mood, and San Antonio's famous River Walk is alive with the sounds and twinkles of the holidays to please everyone in the family.

From Fredericksburg to Johnson City to Grapevine to Austin's Zilker Park and Christmas on 37th Street, there is a myriad of opportunity to experience holiday magic across Texas, and what better way to see them than from the giant windshield of rented luxury coach?

But first, there are some things you need to know:

If you're seriously considering renting a luxury coach for a holiday getaway, the first thing you need to know is that RVing is as much an art as a science. There's a lot more involved than packing a few bags and hitting the road to Nirvana. Living, sleeping and breathing in close quarters can take it toll on the family unprepared, and there are limitations to where you can take the buggy compared to your family, off road SUV.

Secondly, don't go thinking that renting an RV is a cheaper way to travel. Renting a good buggy is expensive, though well worth the investment, but no more costly than staying in first class hotels or flying to your destination. And you save some by cooking in the coach. Just keep in mind that fuel costs need to be budgeted in or you won't be going very much further than the neighborhood KOA.

If you're reading this, you're already online, and there's no better place to start in your search for a reputable RV leasing operation. Google it, or call the nearest large RV center and ask them. You might be surprised that they are already affiliated with a large leasing firm who handles all the paperwork, and can even help you plan your trip.

Get all the details in advance, especially when it comes to bottom-line charges and insurance requirements. Insurance can be expensive, but  well worth the investment. In the unlikely event something should go wrong, you certainly want insurance backup to help pay for damages you may legally incur from an accident.

The other thing you need to know is that renting a quality RV should be done as much in advance as possible. The longer you wait the more risks of not being able to get the model you really want, or none at all. RV rentals are becoming popular, so plan ahead as much as possible.

Depending on the size of your family or group, sharing an RV rental with a close friend or relative can make the prospect even more rewarding in terms of travel savings. But be warned, never overcrowd your space. As miles and time wear on, the inside of a coach can seem to shrink.

Be aware that most leasing firms do have policies about taking pets along, though most do allow it provided you can increase your security deposit or insurance coverage. Also be aware that most RV resorts and large parks require you to clean up after your pet. So if you're taking along Fido, you better learn how to use a pooper-scooper.

So now you're ready to start surfing the Internet to identify the leasing companies near you. Take your time and make certain you understand each step in the process. Having a clear understanding helps your outing to be a pleasant one.

Other than that, get the family together, start researching the best places to go for a holiday road trip, and start packing!

For most of this information you need you can search around this Web site and find resources that will help you along in your next great RV Adventure. Happy travels!
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