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By Carla Land

A new day is dawning for RV manufacturers and RV park owners. What was once considered a luxury retirement or family vacation investment may soon become the primary home investment for thousands as the housing market crash pushes people into discovering alternative living situations.

Well, perhaps the idea is not a good one for you. But if the trend continues, it could be good for the resale value of your RV buggy.

Already large metropolitan areas are having to pass new city ordinances to control "car/rv" living situations. In a recent story from Los Angeles,  police have reported hundreds of new incidents where people are found living out of their car or small rvs and parking them anywhere for the night as they haven't the funds to stay in a park or there is just no space available in any of the existing parks. Most of these people were previously renters in the Los Angeles metroplex and had been good renters, paying on time, taking good care of their rental etc. But the owner of the property was not paying the mortgage payment and before they even knew what was going on they found themselves evicted, with no chance of getting back their deposits! So they had a choice come up with first and last months rents again, redo utility deposits and wonder whether they could find themselves in the same situation all over again  -- or buy an rv and wait out the storm!

A lot of these people are individuals who live on fixed incomes, are seniors, or  are disabled  and have found themselves priced out of the renting market. Some have small families and also find themselves priced out of a renting market and could not find the funds to secure multiple deposits only to lose them and have to start all over again.

Regardless of the personal situations involved, it is somewhat of a pleasant surprise for the RV industry, in a time when fuel costs are continuing to sky rocket they would not have expected this turn of events.  Smart manufacturers may design future RV's for this market and certainly RV park owners would be smart to plan for these type of new consumer. Demand for more parks to accomodate full time rvers who have small young families  may be a new trend for RV parks in the future.

In general those business and individuals who are selling used RV's will clearly benefit the most from this situation. While these consumers are not buying half a million dollar rv's they are purchasing quality refurbished rv's in the $40,000 to 100,000 market.
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