Welcome to Padre Island Traders and the Beachcomber's Museum, located on the very Tip of Texas on a barrier island called South Padre. If you have come searching for rare books, then you have come to the right place. If you're searching for treasure or island collectibles, then you have come to the right place.

Steve Hathcock and Kay Lay invite you to discover the secrets of this remarkable island, to explore the history of the region, and browse through their collection of unusual and interesting artifacts collected on the sandy beaches of paradise.

Take a few moments to "surf" through this web site and to discover what these two book authors and travel writers have to say about this remarkable region, and discover why South Padre Island and the Lower Rio Grande Valley are some of the best kept secrets in Texas.

From treasure hunting to rare book collecting to discovering beachcomber artifacts that have washed upon the shores of paradise, you'll enjoy your visit.

And let Steve and Kay hear your comments. Drop them an E-mail and let them know you're planning a visit on your next trip to the sandy shores of South Padre Island.