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Sure you hate it when the wife goes bulk buying at Sams. Well, not to take sides here, but when it comes to packing the RV with all the right things, let the girl shop!

While you try to whittle down on most  items you carry in your RV, having a surplus of these dozen essential items will save you time, money and plenty of on-the-road frustration. There's nothing worse than getting to an isolated campsite only to discover the batteries in the flashlight are dead, you used the last roll of toilet paper and your lighter is out of fluid -- and the nearest town is 50 miles away. Save yourself some heartache by stocking up The Essential Dozen!

1. Toilet Paper,Toilet Chemical Supplies & Extra Dump Hoses
Don't think we need to paint a picture here but there is probably no single item on this list that can cause more discomfort and agony in camping. Make sure your toilet paper is bio-degradable and your dump lines and hardware are in good condition before you even set out on your trip.

2. Bungee Cords, Rope and Duct Tape
There is never a time in RV camping where something doesn't need to be tied up, tied down, or patched up. These items will save you alot of heartache and take up very little room in your RV.

3. Matches, Lighter Fluid
Whether you are going to cook out, light a lantern or sit around a campfire you can never have enough of these supplies. Make sure matches stay dry by placing them in a ziplock baggie. It's also a good idea to place your lighter fluids, propane etc. in air tight containers as well.

4. Batteries
Take an inventory of how many things you use everyday on your trip that use batteries. The list is bigger than you think and you could spend a fortune buying batteries in small packs here and there. This is one area where buying bulk will save you dollars. Everything from your digital camera, to your TV remote and your flashlights will need duplicate batteries...make a list.

5. Plastic Trash Bags
If you are thinking we don't use that many trash bags, think again. Trash bags are like duct tape in that they have multi-functional uses and you can never have enough of them. Besides if you forget your rain gear you'll be glad you at least had extra trash bags.

6. Bug Spray
Ever notice that bug spray like socks just seem to disappear! Buy several bottles and have them on hand. With diseases like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease to worry about not having enough bug spray is not a wise choice.

7. RainCoats, Rubber Boots, Umbrellas
How many times have you gone camping and had to get out and work on the RV in the rain? We always think the weather will be perfect where ever we go...don't get caught unprepared.

8. Portable Radio
Yes most of us have modern cell phones, ipods, GPS systems that will practically do everything but when technology fails....there's always the good old fashioned AM radio that could keep you informed when all those satellite towers and dishes fail. Don't forget the batteries for it either.

9. Flashlights/Lanterns
How many do you have? Well that's not enough. Inevitably the bulb will go out or the inside is corroded and won't can never have enough flashlights. Also it's a good idea to have a least one propane lighter on hand in case of a prolonged power outage...flashlights can only get you so far.

10. Extra Sets of RV Keys
Opps...honey I closed the door and locked the keys inside...four hours and $150 later you are no longer happy campers. Save yourself some misery by making 3 sets of keys, your main set, a set to keep in your other vechicle and one set in a magnetic keyholder compartment  somewhere hidden on the exterior of your RV.

11. Extra Over the Counter & Prescription Medicines
How many times have you run off and forgotten your high-blood pressure pills, or eaten something on the road that didn't agree with you and had no peptobismol to see you through. You can never have enough aspirin or tylenol on hand so think about what over the counter meds you use most and buy an extra bottle for the RV.

12. Glasses & Sunglasses
This is another item like socks and keys that just seem to disappear into oblivion. Being without glasses and sunglasses can be a miserable experience. Just buy cheap extras for the RV and keep them in there to avoid the blindness drama.

There it is your essential dozen, it will save you money, time and alot of heartache by having surplus of these items on hand.