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Who says being away from home for the holidays means giving up the traditional light trimming and holiday decorating. Creative RVers are getting more and more in the mood for Christmas by "putting on the show" with highly decorated motorhomes and fifth-wheels. Why not join in the celebration?

So let's set the record straight about Rvers and holiday decorating. Just because most have sold their homes or packed up their earthly belongings for the travel season to roam the highways in their self-contained motorhomes and fifth-wheels doesn't mean they have had to give up the tradition of holiday decorating. Far from it. In fact, you drive through just about any RV park in Texas in the month of December and it will rival any well lighted suburban street in America!

While Texas is filled with visitors escaping the colder climes of the northern reaches for the warmer temps down south, they certainly didn't leave their Christmas spirit at home.  In fact, Rv parks are a cornucopia of holiday decorations from around the globe. Just drive from RV park to RV park this season and you'll find a grand lighted holiday tour.

And far from traditional is this group of holiday celebrants. First of all, they are extremely creative, thrifty with space and full of holiday spirit.

But if you're planning on packing those beautiful decorations with you this year, you've got to mind a few of the rules of the road. Like, make certain decorations are easy to pack away quickly. You never know when the travel bug will hit and those pretty baubles and lights need to come down fast and easy. Afterall, that RV is often the only vechicle used daily, and decorations have to be somewhat simple.

But that doesn't stop you from donning those traditional grill wreaths and dashboard christmas trees. Why not get into the spirit?

Those that tow a second vehicle for daily use however need not be limited. You might be surprised on how far some will go to decorate their highway homes in grand style and tradition.  The Lewis family, who call Canada home, explain, "We are away from our grandkids for the first time this year and decorating brings a bit of joy to us." With their dashboard covered with cotton and christmas decorations and outside tinsel lining their RV's grill, and a Christmas tree of arranged plastic tubes, tinsel and lights several feet high anchored near their vehicle's doorsteps, they have gone all out to take Christmas on the road. Since they had a second vehicle, they felt like turning their entire RV spot into a winter wonderland.

Even so it is always helpful to get a tip or two from a professional. These tips are inspired by Coleen Sykora, a travel writer for

The main thing to remember is space, which is always an issue with RV living. You want to bring in the spirit, not crowd out the living!

Here are a few more tips for decorating the rig:

Put away the regular placemats, napkins, papertowels, and get out the holiday prints. Plus having a simple holiday throw for the sofa, chairs or beds will add a bit of holiday spirit. Hey who couldn't use another throw anyway. Don't forget to change your candles to holiday colors and scents. Nothing says holiday more than scent of a cinnamon candle or a fresh baked cookie.

Have plenty of edible christmas goodies out like candy canes, gingerbread cookies and baskets of fruit. Not only does it look warm and inviting but as it gets eaten it goes away!

Keep tradition. Even if you never had a fireplace, I bet you can't remember a Christmas when you didn't hang stockings. Pin them to the curtains. or  screw small cup hooks to the underside of the overhead cabinets.
Have a focal point. Place a small christmas quilt draped over the curtain opposite the front door. When you open the door it is the first thing you see - bold, colorful, and dramatic.

Take advantage of small wall spaces. Hang tree ornaments as wall hangings. In the tiniest of spaces, hang a single ornament. In the somewhat larger areas, make a grouping of several ornaments that have something in common - such as three Santas, or a small collection of brass ornaments.

Create a mood. Fill your RV with seasonal music, or play christmas movies and turn the volume down. You'll be surprised what a conversation starter the volumeless movies make. Company will comment on scenes in the movie or have a particular memory of seeing the movie at a special time.

Remember to just sit and watch the twinkling of tiny lights on your 10-inch tall Christmas tree or the lighted boughs throughout the rv and remember it is not the size of your ornaments or the number of decorations you have but the biggness of your heart that counts this time of the year. Take a moment and remember why you celebrate Christmas in the first place.  

Of course the nicest part of RV Christmas decorating is the almost painless process of packing up the holiday decorations. Remember those laborious treks up into the attic? No more! Ah, the RV life, fa,la, la,la,la,la,la,la,la....!

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