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Exploring Central Texas
and Great Texas Hill Country

From the autumn color of the maple leaf to its picturesque bubbling rivers that wind gently through hills and canyons of splendid beauty, the famed Texas Hill Country in the central part of the state offers more color and natural wonder than most places in the United States.

Ranging in elevation from about 1,000-feet up to around 2,600-feet, the wide area of Central Texas known as the Hill Country encompasses many thousand square miles of rugged but bountiful landscape full of flowing streams and rivers and is noted for its abundant natural wildlife. With an average winter low temperature above freezing and day time temperatures reaching the comfortable 60s, the climate offers a great retreat from the harsh winters of the Midwest and northern states of the U.S.

With cities and communities like Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Blanco, Bandera, Marble Falls, New Braunfels, San Marcos, and Utopia, the Texas Hill Country offers variety and great amenities to visitors and part time residents. With state parks, natural areas, wildlife retreats and abundant lakes and rivers scattered throughout the region, it's no wonder it is a favorite of travelers regardless the season. The Texas Highland Lakes, a series of Hill Country reservoirs near Austin, provide fabulous lake and resort activities in a beautiful setting and are central to the metropolitan hubs of Austin and San Antonio.

For those that prefer a more rural setting, Bandera, Brady and Fredericksburg provide both charm and an outstanding mild winter climate.
More and more Winter Texans every year are discovering the diversity the Hill Country offers, from lakefront resorts to quiet retirement parks in one of a dozen unique and historical communities that make up the region. Named one of the best retirement regions in the nation, the Hill Country offers more than just a place to park your RV - it offers true backcountry comfort and style.

There are nearly 20 state parks and natural areas found in the Hill Country, and ample RV parks and campgrounds where one can spend the winter (or summer). The hill country is filled with incredible wildlife from the infamous white-tailed deer to exotics, eagle nesting grounds and mountain lion havens, a true mecca for naturists and hunters alike. The hardest part is choosing which park you will call home!

Connect to Texas Hill Country resources below and find out more about this diversified and lovely area of rural Texas - a great home away from home.

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