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One bike event you really don't want to miss is Corpus Christi's "Conquer the Coast" ride.  There's no other bike ride like this one. Take your bike on a ferry crossing escorted by playful dolphins. Pack the RV and get ready to roll. MORE

It's been compared to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Carnival in Rio, but with an extreme Texas twist! Fiesta San Antonio is the premiere event in Texas each year where all the stops are pulled for the single largest celebration of it's kind in the known world. MORE

Itís been a long time coming, but the grand opening of the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse hiking trails is here. Supporters and dignitaries will gather for theopening and dedication ceremony. MORE

Get ready to wash away the winter blues in this Hill Country festival featuring live art, live music and a flair for the unique and expressive. An art competition, main street blues and great food await at this one-of-a-kind art and music fest. MORE

It's winter and it's that time of year when all Texans axiously await our fair friends from the North - Buffalo National Park, Canada to be exact. But these fair friends are not people, but birds, whooping cranes to be exact, those rare and graceful creatures that migrate each to the Texas coast to winter in the Tropics of Texas. Discover the birds of paradise! MORE

Bird and nature lovers from around the world are flocking to the Brownsville International Birding Festival, February 15-17. Now in it's seventh year the festival is being hailed as one of the most significant wildlife festivals in North America. MORE

Sure you're a safe driver when piloting the rig down America's highways. You have a good head on your shoulders and rarely taken in by chance or mishap. But  all of us (except in Roswell) are human. And crazy things can happen! MORE

If you haven't guessed by now, it's hard to keep those well-intentioned New Year's resolutions. Real hard! But that doesn't mean you have to fail. Not again. Discover the secret of making and keepimng your New year resolutions. MORE

The colorful history of Texas is full of tales of the heroes who have taken up arms in the name of justice, liberty and the fight for freedom. From the heroes of the revolution to the fighting Texans serving in the modern campaigns of Iraq, military history and tradition runs deep in Texas. MORE

Who in the world can argue that holiday meals, complete with turkey and dressing, are a wonderful thing to experience? But for generations the problem of what to do with the leftovers has plagued us like fruit flys on over ripe bananas. Finally - the answer. MORE

It's that time of year make your list and check it twice. But wait! Don't forget your RV camping buddies.  After all, we know RVers are never naughty and always nice and deserve something special to make their Rving experiences even more fun. Review the Best Gifts of the season! MORE

Deep in South Texas lies a legendary 150 year old ranch, the famous King Ranch  near Kingsville, where the spirit and history of ranching are celebrated each year at the annual Ranch Hand Breakfast. MORE

It's earlier this year, it promises to be bigger and better, and it's a great way to kick off the holiday season. Get ready for the annual Lake Amistad Parade of Lights, an on-the-water boat parade that offers a charming way to get into the spirit of the coming holidays and the perfect event for the entire family. MORE

A late October drive through the Hill Country will take you to the land of the Lost Maple trees, a spectacular and awe-inspiring autumn spectacle of colors when conditions are just right, an area designated as one of the top ten fall foliage viewing sites in the nation. MORE

From the time you learned to walk and talk, chances are good you were told that Columbus discovered America in 1492. In reality, Columbus may have been one of the last to discover America. MORE

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDot) electronic highway signs along coastal highways and Interstates this month are carrying a message to coastal residents and visitors: Keep your gas tanks full! MORE

When you think of Texas you don't usually think about alligators. But a few years back the Texas Legislature declared Annahuac the "Alligator Capital of Texas" because the alligators, it seems, out number the human population. MORE

While the longest continuously running county fair in Texas may belong to Gillespie County, there isn't an older fair in Texas than the historic Washington County Fair in Brenham - a time to celebrate all things that are Texas. It just doesn't get any more Texas than this! MORE

Getready for West Texas fun when hot air balloons and strage and mysterious lights showcase this event held in the Big Country of the Big Bend area. Get the buggy ready to roll, it's Labor Day weekend in Texas! MORE

There's almost nothing like a sweet Stonewall peach. But this year there won't be any thanks to drought and hail. But the show goes on, and this year's Peach Jam has plenty for everyone. MORE

Benito and Toni Trevino know more than just a little about natural healing. The pair are owners of El Rancho Lomitas, a herb farm where growing natural healing plants is a tradition. MORE

Midland's American Airpower Heritage Museum is a tribute to the men and women who fought World War II in the skies around the world. Get ready for a grand tour and a step into the past in Midland. MORE

Looking for a great weekend escape but have no particular place to go? Discover the Nuecess Canyon area and get in touch with nature and a quality outdoor environment. MORE

Why not combine the best of the serene Texas Hill Country with the flavor of the Hawaiian Isles? There's a place where you get down to great Hill Country environment and still manage to spoil yourself silly.  MORE

Spring is in the air and will soon be evident in the piney woods of East Texas when the backroads and hiking trails fill with visitors who have come to flock to and revel in the splendor of Texas dogwood trees in bloom. MORE

In a State where everything is "bigger and better," it shouldn't come as a surprise that Texas is the world capital of capitals. Find out just how great we are! Discover the many capitals in Texas. MORE

It may not be the biggest festival in Texas. It may not even be the most well attended. But there's no question the annual Texas State Championship Fiddling Contest has the biggest hoe-down of them all. MORE

We hear a lot about the men of the Old West. But the girls have heroes as well, and you might be surprised at the contributions these gals have made - and continue to make - to the western world. MORE

In Cowtown, rodeo is serious business. For a century and a decade, Ft. Worth has staged its annual cowboy ritual in the dead of winter to the amazement of millions of awe-inspired spectators. MORE

Rockport/Fulton has long been a favorite weekend getaway destination in Texas, but early March is Oysterfest time, an event that can't be missed if you love fresh oysters. MORE

Nearly five feet tall, the Whooping Crane is North America's tallest bird, and one of her most endangered. But there's more in Texas than ever recorded before. MORE

Welcome to Aurora, a community that in the late 1800s boasted of being the site of a crashed spacecraft. The alien pilot is allegedly buried in a cemetery nearby. A state historical marker points the way. MORE

Most famous as the home of Bob Wills and nearby Caprock Canyons State Park, Turkey is a great getaway if you're looking for a great out of the way destination. MORE

With nearly a century and a half of tradition, the monthly Trade Days in Canton is one of the oldest and largest outdoor-indoor markets in the world. Get ready to shop till you drop!  MORE...

Who says being away from home for the holidays means giving up the traditional light trimming and holiday decorating. Creative RVers are getting more and more in the mood for Christmas by "putting on the show". Discover MORE

Discover the colorful tropical birds of the border through field trips, seminars, workshops, lectures, and a trade show, to be staged Nov. 9-13 in the Harlingen, the perfect RV escape? MORE...

Texas Rose Festival:
October marks the time for the best smelling event in Texas! Welcome to Tyler and the Texas Rose Festival. Getaway to Texas this fall and smell the roses. MORE

With spiraling pump prices and uncertain oil futures, Americans are facing some tough decisions each time they turn their engines over and head down the highway. Learn how to save. MORE

Texas Traffic Jam - Avoiding Hurricane Routes
Thanks to tropical weather, Texas highways have seen their share of travelers. How can you avoid a half-million car traffic jam? It's time to discover the backroads. MORE

The region is rugged and harsh and majestic, yet there is a hideout that few ever see. Welcome to Lajitas and one of the finest all-inclusive Five Star resorts in the Lone Star State.  MORE

Spring is the perfect season to see Texas in all its colorful glory! Road trip the Hill Country Wildflower Trail and discover a vivid coat of many colors.

Dublin is the birthplace of Dr. Pepper, after a local pharmacist dreamed up the recipe on a fine Texas day. Joiun the Dr, Pepper party!  MORE

Lake Texoma is a favorite getaway for nearby residents of Dallas and Oklahoma City. World class lake marinas, superior fishing and great recreation await.

Not the Sahara or Gobi deserts, but nearly as harsh and majestic, the Sand Hills near Monohans attract visitors from across the nation, offering great hikes and adventure.

Get lost in a Land of Enchantment at Enchanted Rock State Natural Area near Fredericksburg. Fresh Hill Country air and plenty of hiking huge granite boulders.

Each year more than half a million people gather in the streets of Galveston to participate in the largest Mardi Gras celebration in Texas - live music, spectacular parades, elaborate masked balls, and flamboyant costumes.

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