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The Annual Ranch Hand Breakfast takes place Nov. 19th from 7:00 am to 11:00 am. Yes, it's early....they're cowboys and work starts before dawn, so give 'em a break! But it will be the best breakfast you can get this side of the Rio Grande. For instance, where else can you find homemade gravy cooked by the pot fulls, thick ranch-style bacon, eggs. refried frijoles and hot tortillas, and spicy salsa. Hungry yet? MORE

Late Summer, Early Fall is harvest time in the Texas Hill Country, and if you're ready to sample the come-of-age wines of the state, the Harvest Wine Trail is the perfect place to start the Texas Wine Season. It's a great opportunity to try the newest vintage and savor  the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Harvest time. MORE

Sure you hate it when the wife goes bulk buying at Sams. Well, not to take sides here, but when it comes to packing the RV with all the right things, let the girl shop! MORE

Some might consider the summer season to be over now that schools are back in session. But this is Texas, and with day time temps still hanging in the upper 90s, it's certainly not time to give up your love for the water. Discover sacred swimming holes. MORE

Each year more than half a million people gather in the streets of Galveston to participate in the largest Mardi Gras celebration in Texas - live music, spectacular parades, elaborate masked balls, and flamboyant costumes. MORE

There are things more fun to do on Halloween than gather around the campfire or fireplace with the entire family and listen to spooky stories of haunts and ghosts and ghouls that roam the Ocober nights. But not everyone has a good ghost story on hand when you need one the most. So we thought we could help this year by offering up one of our own. Enjoy our Audio Ghost Story! MORE

Texas is full of strange stories of ghosts and mysteries and fables untold. If you love a good yarn, if you like to sit around a campfire at night and share your best ghost stories, then you're going to love these tales from Texas. From San Antone to Salida, Beaumont to Brownsville, get a load of these strange stories. Get ready to road trip into the unexplained and discover the spooky side of Texas. MORE

Some of the oldest of supernatural reports around are about spirits, or ghosts, that haunted the landscape of the early world Ė and apparently still do. Just across the ship channel from South Padre Islandís Isla Blanca County Park are the lonely stretches of sandy beaches of Boca Chica. Not easily accessible, this southernmost stretch of beach in Texas is unpopulated - and haunted. MORE

When founders of the Globe Theatre of the Southwest first dared to dream of an authentic replica venue patterned after the famous Globe Theatre in London, little did they realize that their project would become one of the most famous Shakesperean Theatres in the Nation. Get ready for the annual Southwest Shakespeare Festival each September. MORE

What was once considered a luxury retirement or family vacation investment may soon become the primary home investment for thousands. Perhaps the idea is not a good one for you. But if the trend continues, it could be good for the resale of your RV. MORE

Itís Fathers Day weekend and while Mothers Day is one of the biggest restaurant days of the year, Fathers Day ranks as one of the highest BBQ/Grilling days of the year. But surely youíre not going to make dear old Dad cook his own celebratory feast, are you? MORE

Nostrodamas missed one when he didn't call the great gas crunch of 2008. Or maybe he did and it's still hidden in those deep words of his somewhere, maybe coded well like a Dan Brown puzzle. But one thing is for sure,  the cost of fuel has all thinking about the family summer vacation. What to do? MORE

It's a sure sign that summer is in full bloom, and there are few better ways to celebrate the heat of the Texas season that with an ice cold Luling watermelon! Get ready for a real Texas tradition - the Luling Watermelon Thump, four days and nights of Texas fun with summer's best treat - a sweet Luling watermelon. MORE

There are air shows and then there are real air shows. But the Central Texas AirShow is clearly a step above most and more a part of the later than the first. Load up the family and load up the buggy and get ready to head to Temple for the three day event that you'll be talking about for years to come. MORE

Its been said that a prophet is rarely honored in his own land. And that might be true about most who have left behind their roots to adventure the world to exercise their greatness or fame. But when it comes to Freddy Fender, a San Benito boy who made the most of life with his hard work, good spirits and big heart, thereís a legacy for others to follow. MORE

So Junior wants to go off to college and your mind begins to reel at the expense of a good education. The national average for dorm expenses alone average $19,000 a year. That's over $76,000 for four years of campus housing! RV living may be a good alternative. MORE

Kids! They can say the strangest things. And when it comes to love and romance and dating and such -- they apparently have a lot to say. With the looming Valentine holiday just ahead, we thought it might be fun to ask kids what they think about the subject. Boy did we get some surprise answers! MORE

Highly endangered in the United States and rarely seen in the wild, the Texas ocelot is a magnificent creature by any standard. Once abundant and healthy, these creatures are now hanging onto the thread of continued existence. Discover the Texas ocelot at the 9th annual Ocelot Festival in Harlingen. MORE

There's not a good reason to leave the Lone Star State if you're looking for a little Mardi Gras action. In fact, there's probably no better place to be! Texas - especially East Texas - is full of grand Mardi Gras celebrations, each one a little different and unique. Get ready to travel Texas and enjoy one or all Mardi Gras celebrations. MORE

Who says being away from home for the holidays means giving up the traditional light trimming and holiday decorating. Creative RVers are getting more and more in the mood for Christmas by "putting on the show" with highly decorated motorhomes and fifth-wheels. In fact many RV parks are a great place to drive through for Christmas lights. Why not join in the celebration? MORE

So you've been thinking about a grand RV getaway for the next big family outing. But the investment required to purchase a first class RV represents a major financial obligation, and one not to be taken lightly. So if you're like many, you toy with the idea just before filing the idea away as something you might consider in the years ahead
 - which often never come. MORE

Each year millions of winged creatures return to the sunny clime of the Texas Rio Grande Valley, their annual wintering grounds. Over 500 varieties of birds can be found in the Valley, a virtual birding paradise. Get ready for world class birding when the RGV Birding Festival kicks off for a week of outstanding events. MORE

It's the largest Renaissance Festival theme park in the Nation, and the 33rd annual version of the Texas Renaissance Festival north of Houston once again offers a touch of Medieval times in the Texas countryside each weekend in October and November. Already underway, the eight themed weekends kicked off Oct. 6 with a traditional Oktoberfest. MORE

Texas is full of strange stories and unusual places. And San Antonio's Menger Hotel offers a glimpse into the world of the unknown. Discover the famous guests that still linger in this stately hotel on Alamo Plaza, a perfect ghostly getaway. MORE

It' well into the evening at a swank Dallas restaurant. You've been invited by an investor friend. The last thing on your mind is that something sinister and deadly is about to happen.  Solve the Mystery! MORE

Into every life a little good humor must fall! Well, this may not be "good" humor, but it certainly will put a smile to your face! Next time you're rolling down the road in your RV buggy, try these on with the family -- then make up a few of your own if you. It's just for fun.  MORE

If you've never made it to the Lost Canyon country in the southwest part of the Texas Hill Country, then you've missed more than just a casual drive. And when the peak of the fall season arrives, the colors of the big tooth maple explode in brilliant reds and yellows, making it the perfect getaway drive for the season. MORE

The fall travel season is a busy travel time for recreational vehicle owners. Simple tips from Nationwide Insurance ensure RVers can enjoy the open road without the hassle of trip interruptions. MORE

Three full months into the 2007 tropical storm season and everyone will agree that so far Texas has fared well. And since September has arrived and fall is just around the corner, many Texas coastal residents and visitors are breathing a sigh of relief that the worst is over. Then again, maybe not. MORE

Just about every loyal Texan knows the gallant story of General Sam Houston who led a rag tag army of free Texians into the Battle of San Jacinto. But without the Texas Navy, history may have turned out differently. Discover more. MORE

Itís been a long time coming, but the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) has issued an update in the planned reefing of the Texas Clipper, part of the ship-to-reef project that will help establish an artificial reef 17 miles off the coast of South Padre Island, targeting mid to late August as the date. MORE

Pioneer, innovator, explorer - Amelia (Millie) Earhart will long be remembered as an individual who greatly embodied the Spirit of America. The search has resumed for Amelia, just in time for Amelia Earhart Day. Will new evidence help find the lost avitrix?  READ MORE

There are more bats in Texas than just about anywhere else in the world, and the furry, mysterious creatures are bringing to tourist to the state.  Why? MORE

It's America's favorite holiday, and one that every American should understand. But there is probably some patriotic information -- little tidbits of U.S. facts -- that you probably don't know. Think not? Then try this info on for size! MORE

Call it high-tech adventure if you want, but geocaching adventures offer much of the same appeal as historical exploration and discovery, and provides a way for the modern traveler to transform a casual getaway into a vacation of mystery and intrigue. MORE

Born on the wings of America's need to "hit the highway" back in the 1950s, the RV industry is attracting families looking for roadtrip getaways. And this summer, the tradition continues as more and more families hit the road in the family RV in search of fun and high adventure on and off the road. Find out why RVers are defying high fuel prices and heading out for another great year of summer vacations. Discover the latest trends.  MORE

Dr Pepper Company is the oldest major manufacturer of soft drink concentrates and syrups in the United States. It is America's unique flavor and was created, manufactured and sold beginning in 1885 in the Central Texas town of Waco. MORE

You wouldn't expect to find an oasis like Lajitas tucked smuggly in the Big Bend Country of West Texas. Beauty runs deep here, and so does the luxury! Spoil yourself at one of Texas' Best getaway destinations. MORE

Looking for a funky, unique event to enjoy? Then the Houston Art Car Parade will be right up your alley. The annual event scheduled for Saturday May 12 was the first and is the largest Art Car Parade in the world.   MORE

It's one of Texas most respected musical festivals, the annual Kerrville Folk Festrival staged at Quiet Valley Ranch just west of Kerrville, almost three weeks of music from 100 of the most promising songwriters and folk performers in America. MORE

A New KOA KAampground property has opened on South Padre Island, offering family RVers the perfect landing spot on the soft sand beaches of Texas' southern tip. Get ready for a spring or summer season under the sun in one of the premiere RV parks in South Texas. MORE

For many, especially the first time RVer, dealing with a tank of flamable liquid gas can be an unsettling thought as you're about to hit the road with the family. Handled improperly and unchecked, the LP system be a hazard. Even seasoned RVers know that caring for your RV tank is an important part of properly maintaining a safe vehicle. MORE

Road rallies and RV rallies have been popular since the days of the wagon train. That's why we occasionally feature an out-of-state event so popular and worthwhile that we think it might do you good to get out and explore the roads and highways of the bigger Texas out there, uh, we mean bigger USA.  MORE

Spring has almost arrived and chances are good you haven't yet prepared the buggy for your next road trip. Yet RV experts tell us dewinterizing your motorcoach or fifth wheel is every bit as important as getting it ready for the cold months. MORE

Come on, you know you've done it at least once before, pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot and caught a few minutes or hours of sleep before hitting the payment once again. Who hasn't? But changes are coming! Here's what you need to know! MORE

With over 200,000 square miles that extends into three U.S. states and two different nations, the Chihuahuan Desert region is the largest desert in North America, and the most lonely. Discover great RVing. MORE

Regardless how serious the job may be, patience wears thin at times and funny things can happen. This is true for just about every industry, even the most serious of them all, the professional pilot and the professional air traffic controllers the world over. MORE

It may not be the perfect "first time owner" model for the economy traveler, but the new Featherlite Platinum Plus delivers the ultimate in comfort and luxury, and this buggy will make you forget you ever left home in the first place. MORE

For eight weekends this fall, 300,000-plus Texans will crowd into the faire-grounds of the Texas Renaissance Festival near Plantersville to celebrate 16th century life and merriment in what has turned out to be one of the largest events of its kind in the nation. Each weekend sports a different theme, so there is plety to see and plenty to do at the Texas State Renaissance Festival. Don't miss it! MORE

There's a lot of wide open spaces out there in Texas. Perhaps that what Legislators were thinking recently when they approved a speed limit increase on certain Texas highways that will allow daytime motorists to cruise 80 MPH. MORE

There were a lot of folks around Mineral Wells in 1914 that thought building a major hotel in this rural community 50-miles west of Ft. Worth was a crazy idea. Built over a water well known as the Crazy Well, the hotel now stands as a hot spot for Texas ghost tales. MORE

In spite of spiraling fuel pump prices, RV travel remains the best vacation bargain for American families and retirees anywhere in the world. But how about more luxury for less bucks? Sure you want one of the big rigs with all the bells and whistles, but is there way the pocketbook can handle it? You might be surprised to discover that it's possible! MORE

Remember your Wonder Years when floating down the river was the best escape from the summer heat? Rediscover the childhood pleasures of Blanco State Park. It's a great road trip destination and a great place where you can explore the pristine Hill Country of Central Texas! Get ready for the beauty of the Blanco River!  MORE

If your buzzing around Texas this summer and ready for a world class fishing adventure, you're in for a treat! Texas offers some of the best fishing available anywhere in North America. So discover Texas' Best Fishing Tournaments and get your line wet. MORE

Things are heating up in Texas and there's plenty to do to celebrate the Fourth. But what and where? We put togetrher a list of great places and events where you can let your patriotism shine and enjoy the warm Texas outdoors. Explore our Top Ten List for 2006 and get ready to hail the flag in all its glory! MORE

They're a magnificent site to see and a welcome relief in the warm summer months of Texas. Get ready to explore the underground of the Lone Star State and discover the real Underworld of Texas, the caverns that call to your adventuring spirit. All across the state these refuges offer relief from soaring temps and continue to boggle the mind with wonders of the deep!  MORE

It's officially underway, the 2006 hurricane season. Are you ready for the potential threat of a serious storm? If you're an RV owner, you have a vested interest in knowing what to do and when. Read about the outlook for this year's tropical storm season and prepare early in the event a major storm approaches this season.  MORE

Imagine Soaring above the West Texas landscape in a silent glider. Time stands still, and like the prehistoric birds that once populated the region, you are seeing the rugged beauty like few ever can.  MORE

It's been called the Grand Canyon of Texas and you'll find more than a single photo moment as you gaze across the painted landscape of one of the Lone Star State's most remarkable natural landmarks. But it's more than its size and beauty that attracts visitors from near and far. Celebrate Palo Duro Canyon State Park and make plans to attend this year's production of TEXAS the Play.MORE

Who said you can't put your RV on a diet? If you do, you can bet you're going to maximize your fuel efficiently, Trim down the old RV buggy and stretch your miles-per-gallon - a whimsical look at some ridiculous ideas. MORE

Find yourself on the open road for the Valentine's holiday? Or perhaps you're just looking for a great place to take that someone special for the weekend. You find a bit of Hill Country paradiseawaits just outside of Sisterdale - and nine others that can't be beat!. Check in here for our list of ten great places to go and things to do to spoil your lover.  Discover great romantic getaways in Texas. MORE

Did you know that during World War II, an elite Mexican fighter squad trained in Texas and fought in the Pacific campaign. Brush up on history, and visit Brownsville. Get the full skinny of the fighting Aztec Eagles MORE
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Don't let the summer slip away without one great beach getaway. Discover buried treasure and beachcombing delights on the Tip of Texas. Read about historian and treasure hunter Steve Hathcock's adventures on the 33-mile treasure-rich beaches of Texas' southernmost coastline. From civil war relics to Spanish coins or "sea beans", you never know what you'll dig up on Padre!   MORE

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